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Oil & Gas Market


For the last 29 years in IT, we have proved to be a reliable partner for customers in every Industry and Oil and Gas is no difference.


Our solutions help to automate workflows in the well development and well monitoring process, enable cross-departmental interaction for distant offices, ensure information security, and enhance analytical and reporting facilities.


1- Security Operation Centre for Oil & Gas company Operations

Sage Technologies specialises in the Design and setup of SOC rooms in to number of sectors from Governmental to Oil & Gas


2- IT Infrastructure Supply & Support

Sage have supplied all sort of IT technologies infrastructure to Oil and Gas companies in the UAE and the UK in Scotland Rigs


3- Drones for Monitoring with Image Analysis Applications for Oil Storage Tanks and pipeline


Sage Technologies provide Rigidized Drone Technology for live monitoring of Oil & Gas installation including both Optical and Thermal live feeds with complete analyses. This include use for monitoring for High Intensity Fires.


4- Software Application improving communication and process efficiency 

Fast and secure portals to help your team benefit from:

§  Business workflow automation;

§ Project and task management;

§ Corporate knowledge base;

§ Workforce management;


5- Wireless Network Suitable for large area Oil & Gas installations


We provide High speed wireless technologies using both the licenced and unlicensed technologies safe to use with Oil and Gas installations and providing solutions from 1Gbit to mobile users to a 20Gbit backbone connectivity offering communication and Monitoring Cameras around large installations