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Sage Technologies, develop and deploy Custom Ed-tech and E-learning solutions for educational institutions as well as corporate training applications for private and public organizations.

Our wide expertise constitutes implementation and customization of complex infrastructure solutions to enhance end-to-end engagement and efficiency of educational process. For individual users, we offer custom knowledge access applications.

We help you achieve better outcomes, automate daily tasks, enhance learning experience across web, mobile and conversational UI. To ensure that your application is in line with established standards in education and on-premise tech requirements, we perform a thorough Business Analysis. 


1-Knowledge management solutions

Smart solutions to transform corporate documents into a valuable knowledge base powered by effective tools for data retrieval, management and version control.


2- E-learning platforms

Complex solutions to team up learners, educators and content providers. It can be either an integrated e-learning platform or standalone software.


3- Software for corporate training

Custom applications for employees training. Orientation courses, ongoing training and refresher courses. A built-in system for skills assessment and certification.


4- Rich-media educational solutions

Interactive applications to work with media learning content: graphics, video, and audio.


5- Mobile e-learning apps

Great channel for educational content monetization. Creation of awesome interactive apps for kids. Design of mobile platforms to access courses, tests and other e-learning content.


6- Educational analytics

Ultimate solutions for group and individual testing. Real-time monitoring of educational process efficiency, training and skills assessment.


7- Virtual reality solutions

Immersive learning experience with VR: from building apps that let school students explore other countries, historical eras or scientific labs in VR environment, to developing high-precision VR training simulators for medical, construction, nuclear, and other industries.


Introducing educational material in the form of a game significantly increases the effectiveness of the learning process and allows you to improve such indicators as:

· Reduced fatigue from learning.

· Increased attention.

· Reduction of time required for memorizing material.

· Enhanced learner engagement.

Gamified educational apps are mostly oriented to kids, but our skilled developers create ground-breaking games for different age groups of e-Learners.