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Sage Technologies offers few products in the communication Market, these includes the following:

1- Wireless WAN/LAN private Networks

We provide a number of wireless technologies on in both the licenced and unlicensed technologies and providing solutions from 1Gbit to mobile users to a 20Gbit backbone connectivity

2- Custom Telecom Software Development

We have developed a number of software Apps in the communication market enhancing business and communication process between employers and their employees

3- All-round data analysis and reporting

Improve the performance of data-rich business processes through:

· Data warehousing: aggregating data from multiple sources into a single, quick and safe database – we do the design and implementation;

· Advanced reporting and visualization: customizable reports to evaluate campaign effectiveness, predict churn and gain strategic insights for further improvements;

· Predictive analytics: optimizing marketing strategy by analyzing customer behaviour through segmentation and history.


4- Corporate portals & Dashboards

Fast and secure portals to help your team benefit from:

· Business workflow automation;

· Project and task management;

· Corporate knowledge base;

· Workforce management;

· Procurement management;

· Document management.